Who we are


ADEMI is a Non profit  Association made of Spanish folks and people with an interest in the Spanish culture. The main purpose is to organize, maintain, manage and operate social and cultural events between the US  and Spanish community.

ADEMI was founded on October 8th, 2004 by the following Honorary Members:

                     Coral López
                     Mary Carmen Domínguez
                     María Saugar
                     Isabel Larrotiz
                     Eloisa Guerrero
                     Elisabeth Alonso

Board of directors: ADEMI HAS A NEW BOARD

Presidenta:          M. Dolors Sans
Vicepresidenta:    Maricarmen Domínguez
Secretaria:           Begoňa García
Tesorera:             Isabel Alonso
Vocal:                  Coral López
Vocal:                  Isabel Larrotiz
Vocal:                  Victoria Sanatamaría
Vocal:                  Myriam Lacuerda
Vocal:                  Elena Cámara
vocal:                   Paloma Jalife